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Quick Guide: Pitching Holiday Gift Guides and Roundups


While all of us are happily swimming through the summer months, the media is already awash in Back to School and (gasp) holiday.

Here’s my mission: get more FEST in the press this fall and holiday season. To do that, I’m gonna need you to do me a favor: embrace your inner pitch.

I’ve created a video to help. Nothing fancy – just me talking on the fly.

Here’s your challenge of the week:

  • Carve out one hour
  • Watch the video
  • Choose a product or selection of products to pitch for Back to School and holiday roundups and gift guides.
  • Use the framework I outline in the video to draft a brief pitch email
  • Send it to your media contacts list on Tuesday
  • Make it happen


This video originally appeared in the Spirit of 608 FEST is the BEST Facebook group. Want in? I’d love to have you. You can request to join here.

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