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Save Time in Biz & Life with These PR-Friendly Tools & Apps

Being an entrepreneur often means you’re doing several things at the same time. There is so much to worry about, so many tasks on that to-do list that needs checking, that you barely have time for other tasks or even yourself. In fact, lack of time is the number one reason FEST founders say they aren’t pushing forward with their DIY media outreach, not to mention so many parts of their business and personal lives. 

The heavy task load that comes with building a business can quickly begin to feel overwhelming, demotivating and grrr-inducing. And those are the last things that are going to make you stick with the confident, collected mindset you absolutely will need to push your business forward today, this week and this year. 

Luckily, today’s world has the technological solution to everything. Okay, it tries real hard. Sometimes a little too hard. But sometimes, it wins. Whether it’s your social media posts, reading important industry news or scheduling appointments with clients, not surprisingly, there’s an app for that. But the devil’s in the details, right? Which ones are worth your time and which are a total waste?

Here are some apps, tools and resources we’ve discovered that will buy more time within a day, make repetitive tasks faster or even unnecessary and open up a little more space for DIY PR, deep thinking instead of the day-to-day grind or even just a little time to take a break and do what’s important to you in life outside of business.

Most entrepreneurs have schedules that are a mix of fully booked to extremely flexible, and you have to admit, it can be hard to stay on top of things. makes scheduling one step easier, especially for those of you who rely on Gmail for work. This app enables recipients of your email to book a timeslot for their meeting with you and then links directly to your Google Calendar. can avoid double bookings and even confusion with timezones, and it will even send notifications to bug you about your scheduled meetings, like a real assistant.

If This Then That

Shortened to IFTTT, this app functions like a coordinator between related or similar apps, grouping them into “applets.” Then, as the name hints, what you do in one, you’ll end up doing in the other. As you might guess, this app is extremely helpful for small businesses, especially those that need to monitor multiple social media accounts. Two birds, one app!


Yet another app to help make your work life easier, Zapier automates bits of your workflow, linking apps that you use together for simple and regular tasks. An example would be automatically sending attached files from your Gmail account to your Dropbox account, and sending you a notification in Slack about the new upload to your Dropbox. Zapier even allows you to categorize your tasks or tag important clients and email addresses, so that you don’t mix up separate workflows.


If you love to read yet your busy entrepreneurial lifestyle keeps you away from even the simplest clickbait article, Narro is for you. All you have to do is clip on your entire “to-read” list on Narro, and the app will read it aloud to you. It’s your very own personalized podcast that you can enjoy in the convenience of your car, on the treadmill, or while multitasking your day away. And don’t worry, Narro completely ignores all the ads – just the way we like it.

Missing Lettr

Missing Lettr is a godsend for social media marketing, as it automates what is probably the most time-consuming part: the marketing campaign. The app analyzes the content on your blog or site, and then recommends a campaign for you, complete with suggested social media posts, popular hashtags, and trending news – for an entire year. All that’s left to do is to approve the app’s suggestions. Or not – totally up to you!

These apps could be just the solution you’re looking for in making your business’s process, or maybe even your daily activities, a little bit more efficient. All they do, however, is simply run on something that’s already there. Ideas still come from you, and there’s no replacing good old human creativity and interaction.

That said, if we can find ways to make life a little easier for ourselves, why not?

Hear more about these apps and how you can carve out time in your FEST founder life for media outreach and DIY PR in PressDope Minisode: How to Find Time for DIY PR and Media Relations.

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