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We believe:

    • The future of fashion is one that’s better for the workers who make clothes, for the shoppers who buy clothes, for founders building brands and for the environment that surrounds us all.

    • A better future for the fashion industry is one that does more good in the world than harm.
      The future we envision is one set apart from the here and now by high-quality clothing that lasts for years, secondhand style that’s often a consumer’s first choice and textiles that have post-consumer destinations beyond the landfill.

    • Instead of environmental damage, there should be innovative new solutions to the age-old problems brought on by the fashion industry’s role in textile waste and water pollution.

    • Instead of indecipherable supply chains, exploitative working conditions and traditional craftsmanship threatened by globalization, there can be transparency, compassionate employment and partnerships that bring opportunity and stability into pockets of the world that have seen very little.

    • We believe technology makes it possible for fashion brands to be more efficiently run, more innovative, more ethical and made with less damaging materials.

    • We believe that technology enables a new population of entrepreneurs around the world – especially female entrepreneurs – to run businesses on their own terms, terms that are often far outside the status quo the fashion industry norm.

    • There are numerous companies today doing fashion right right now, approaching the business of creating and selling fashion thoughtfully, ethically and sustainably.

    • Far too few consumers know about them.

    • Elevating those brands, the ethical fashion makers and sustainable style sellers and motivated dreamers and conscious creatives is the fastest, most efficient way to get better fashion into the hands of consumers.

    • As more FEST brands make their way into the mainstream, what was once lauded as sustainable or ethically manufactured or made with 50% less water will become just.another.piece.of.apparel.