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DIY Membership

DIY Membership


Want more press coverage for your brand?

A DIY Membership to PressDope means ongoing media support created by media pros especially for ethical brands. We give you expert DIY PR training tools, a growing library of online video courses, custom resources, how-to guides and email pitch templates. A live monthly Q&A call gets your questions answered.

For far less than the average PR pro’s hourly rate, you get a full month of support so you can navigate the tricky, confusing and complicated PR landscape, even if you have zero PR experience or media training.



  • Self-Guided DIY PR Program
  • Developed by Media Pros for Ethical Brands
  • Online Video Training
  • Step-By-Step Guides
  • Monthly Live Meeting for Q&A
  • Daily Tasks Calendar
  • Fashion-Specific Pitch Templates
  • Knowledge Base
  • Cancel anytime
  • Pay annually and save on your membership